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Ampliz Healthcare Marketing platform, one of the largest healthcare data provider in the USA, typically matching greater than 90% of the target files.

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At Ampliz Health data, we are committed to delivering you the best healthcare data and insights that drive your marketing Growth. In addition, we ensure that our healthcare B2B database passes through all the quality standards so that our clients get the best sales leads. Cutting market chaos and connecting with physicians, hospitals, and executives is an uphill task. With market complexity, healthcare markers needed a planned interaction with audiences


Access Healthcare Database in the USA

Get a detailed up-to-date healthcare b2b database profile on more than 4.6 million physicians, hospitals, executives, and allied health professionals.

Healthcare Marketing Contact List

Ampliz Healthdata brings the one-stop solution for all your data challenges. With a data repository of more than 4.6 million contact records of healthcare marketing contact list of professionals across the globe based on geography, speciality, and job titles. We enable you to bring quality leads to the sales funnel and connect with your target prospects.


Mailing Database

Total Records
>>Physician Email List1,123,309
>>Dentist Email List229,906
>>Hospital Email List208,690
>>Cardiologist Email List30,627
>>Urologist Email List11,992
>>Doctors Email List1,123,309
>>Oncologists Email List28,284
>>Nurses Email List568,556

Mailing Database

Total Records
>>Pharmacist Email List203,503
>>Chiropractor Email List90,510
>>Obstetrics Email List 49,695
>>Orthopedists Email List33,151
>>Dermatologist List16,102
>>Pediatrician Dentist List8,350
>>Health search 4,384,792
>>Plastic Surgeon List 10,812

Our Trusted Clients

Our Healthcare Contact list Sources

To ensure that every contact is a potential lead, we compile our Healthcare Contact List from reliable sources, process it through multiple validation checks, and frequently update to keep it active.


Medical Email Lists

Medical Email Lists


Hospital Data

Hospital Data


Licensing Clients

Licensing Clients

MJA Subscribers

MJA Subscribers

Health Seminars

Health Seminars

USA Medical Directory

Medical Email Lists

Opticians EMail Lists

College Councils


Syndicated Sampling Program

Syndicated Sampling Program

Telephone Verification

Telephone Verification


American Medical Association

American Medical Association


Commercial Mail Returns

Commercial Mail Returns


MDA Mailed Profiles

MDA Mailed Profiles


State Medical Registrars

State Medical Registrars

Invest in a Direct mailing list of the healthcare industry professionals

You are looking for the best doorways that lead to a huge US market where you can pitch your services? According to a study, the healthcare industry is expected to grow at 5.4% every year. The rise of personalized medicine usage, demand for custom models, and increased application of exponential technologies are influencing the way the healthcare system operates. 

Ampliz Healthdata’s direct mailing list of healthcare industry professionals helps you engage with top healthcare professionals with just a click. Do you have a product or services that medical practitioners demand? Then why don’t you leverage this opportunity? Collaborate with us. Take action today.

Calculate your Addressable Market Size

Evaluate the market with the most comprehensive and updated data on patient population demographics, prescription data by healthcare providers, and new technology installations.

Analyze & target your audience

Construct your go-to-market strategy by assessing diagnosis procedure codes, physician referral patterns, quality metrics, CBSA analytics, and intent data to target your market audience.

Supervise patient and provider analysis

Acquire deeper knowledge of your buyer and solve the pain points by understanding the organizational and health professionals’ alignment, network loopholes, patient analysis & feedback.

Direct-mailing-list USA
healthcare direct mailing list

Illustrate the value of your product

Understand the nuisance of your provider’s clients related to quality, development, and network leaker, build a case and showcase how your service will help in their business.

Connect the top decision-makers

Reach your potential sales leads by getting their direct email address, speciality, subspecialty, NPI number, prescription type. Access the executive names, hospital list, and their social media profile. Procure the daily intelligence with a direct mailing list of healthcare professionals so that your message reaches the right inbox.

Extend your reach by purchasing email list of healthcare industry

As a healthcare marketer, connecting with a healthcare professional is not an uphill task. But the question of B2B data authenticity and reliability arises, and no matter how good the organization review is, you might not be sure about its authenticity. In answering the question of authenticity and credibility, a professional healthcare database provider comes into play. 

And it is essential to be there where your customer is. Hence, at Ampliz Healthdata, we are dedicated to delivering the relevant information, contact details of healthcare professionals and practitioners with multiple intelligence fields, and filters to whom you can sell your product & services. In addition, Ampliz HealthData offers you various channels to reach your target customers, increase customer engagement, and make trustworthy relationships.

Email Marketing
Direct Marketing
Account Based Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Market Your Service with our mailing list of healthcare executives

Whether you are a medical device manufacturer, medical provider, or pharmaceutical, a mailing list of healthcare executives must connect with top decision-makers. Yes, you heard it right, healthcare executives enable you to make your product and services reach the organization’s top decision-makers. So where to find it? Ampliz healthdata offers you a comprehensive and up-to-date mailing list of healthcare executives with multiple search filters like title, name, organizational level, and demography.


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Healthcare related Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time to buy the healthcare marketing list is when you start creating a marketing campaign. It will eventually turn your potential leads into customers.

To scale your B2B marketing campaign and generate higher revenue, comprehensive and up-to-date data is a must. It enables you to assess the market and reach your target audience. Ampliz Healthdata maximizes your sales pipeline with relevant and easily convertible healthcare leads.

Yes. It is indeed worth purchasing a healthcare email list from Ampliz. We promise to deliver authentic and credible leads for your marketing campaign and business needs. Our team of data experts verify and compiles the database regularly so that you get a 100% accurate and deliverable healthcare database.

A Healthcare mailing list is the compilation of data extracted from diverse sources. It enables Healthcare marketers to contact top decision-makers for selling their products & services. With a direct-purchase mailing list, your message reaches the right inbox. It could be in a pre-built format or in a customized format as per your requirement.

Ampliz is the only authentic place to buy healthcare mailing list. The competition in the healthcare industry is increasing with each passing day. To be one step ahead of your competitors, scale your business growth and plan your marketing campaign, a healthcare mailing list is a viable solution and you must have that.

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Ampliz Health Data platform, one of the largest healthcare data provider in the USA, typically matching greater than 90% of the target files.

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