Top 15 Lead Generation Companies

Lead Generation is the most crucial aspect for any organization to continue its operation successfully or even take it to the next level.

Without potential leads and valuable deal closures, no company can even bear its sustainability cost. And many well-established companies are known to have faced this issue.

So what’s the solution?

An efficient B2B lead gen company is the answer. A lead gen company that is backed with robust technology, high-end intelligence, skilled manpower, and uniquely customized strategies holds the expertise to bag in quality leads.

So if you are a startup or a growing company that wants to leave a legacy behind, you must start looking forward to the best lead gen company that will yield you profitable results.

So who are the ones to go with? Here we tried to handpick a few leading lead gen companies that have proven success records in providing the best intent-focused and target-specific customized leads with a perfect go-to-market strategy.

So what are they? Let’s explore.

The Top 15 Lead Generation Companies to Build a Robust Sales Pipeline in 2021

Top 15 Lead Generation Companies to Build a Robust Sales Pipeline
  1. Ampliz
  4. Terakeet
  5. Topspot Internet Marketing
  6. SalesRoads
  7. Callbox
  8. VSA, Inc.
  9. Sales Aladin
  10. SalesPro Leads
  11. WebiMax
  12. eCoast Marketing
  13. Salesify
  14. Go4Customer
  15. Vsynergize

#1. Ampliz

Ampliz B2B Company

Ampliz is the top B2B Lead generation companies. When it is about listing the top 15 lead gen companies, Ampliz takes first place with no second thought.


The answer is its aggressive strategic actions and seeing beyond approach. Within just 2 years, it has emerged as one of the leading B2B data companies.

It has connected 3000+ clients globally and helped them generate intent-specific leads for their company and in turn, skyrocketed their revenue pipeline.

Ampliz’s smart B2B Data Intelligence platform is one of a kind that is used by the top B2B companies and healthcare businesses in the world, especially APAC. 

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#2. Cience


The machine-driven and human-powered prospecting tool that has resulted in numerous success stories are led by CIENCE.

Backed with robust technology and skilled manpower, it is one of the most promising lead gen companies known for producing target-specific leads for its clients.

It offers orchestrated outbound to build enterprises that are prepared from in-depth research and technical expertise.

Many B2B companies from all across the globe are benefited from CIENCE and hence it is one of the hugely followed data companies.


Looking for a free strategy that will fuel up your sales pipeline in the least amount of time? might be the right choice for you then.

Get a free lead generation analysis strategized to maximize your ROI by sourcing quality leads meant for your business.

Serving the industry for a long time, it has a top-performing professional team that analyzes and designs customized strategies that fit your business purpose.

Nothing costs you to give it a try.

Try your luck with this efficient B2B lead gen company to boost up your business revenue with a uniquely designed lead generation strategy.

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#4. Terakeet


Terakeet can be synonymous with “A Complete Enterprise SEO Solutions”. The team of advanced SEO Experts, Content Specialists, and Data Experts believe in the power of organic search.

Hence they strategize and execute solutions in a completely organic way and make sure your company ranks in the top results of Google’s organic search.

Its unique and holistic approach makes it one of the best lead-gen companies with commendable results in helping brands extend their outreach organically and pulling in huge potential customers.

#5. Topspot Internet Marketing

Topspot Internet Marketing

If you are looking to grow your business digitally and want to have an appealing online presence, then nothing can be better than Topspot Internet Marketing.

It’s counted among the top B2B lead gen companies whose well-planned digital marketing makes brands look their best that helps them attract a huge number of qualified leads and expand their brand presence exponentially.

For the past 17 years, it has been designing astounding digital marketing strategies that trigger the right emotion of the right prospects to give a valuable conversion.

#6. SalesRoads


A comprehensive sales strategy is the secret and the most vital key to unlocking the best prospects accounts and close profitable sales deals.

SalesRoads is known for strategizing, testing, and executing out-of-the-box solutions that have triggered the sales pipeline of hundreds of thousands of clients globally.

It holds expertise in delivering effective solutions like Appointment Settings and Phone-Verified SQLs that are proven to close money-making sales deals.

If you are looking to build a high ROI-generating sales pipeline, one of the key lead gen companies of the era is here.

#7. Callbox


Don’t struggle with expensive lead gen techniques, strategies, and tools, when Callbox is here. This is what the company says about itself.

It claims that it uncovers the best sales opportunities, so you don’t have to. With more than 10k+ clients served, 520k+ delivered appointments, and 35M+ targeted accounts, it is the best B2B lead gen company to opt for successful results. 

For the past 17 years, it has been known for designing and implementing solitary sales strategies and generating intent-based, target-oriented, and revenue-driven sales leads for its clientele globally.

The next turn can be yours.

#8. VSA Inc. Prospecting


Are you looking for a team who can assist your sales team in multiplying the deal closures? Then your new team is here.

VSA’s experienced and efficiently trained sales team is here to relax your burden of meeting your sales target.

A best-in-class B2B lead gen company that allows you to leverage their experiences, insights, and expertise gathered over the years to transform your sales funnel into an efficient one.

They are specialized in designing customized solutions that are programmed to solve the complex and challenging tasks that your team is facing right away.

Are you thinking about giving it a try? Don’t let a second thought come in.

Try now.

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#9. Sales Aladin

Sales Aladin

The top B2B appointments platform that holds expertise in helping IT companies to research prospects, schedule meetings, engage inbound leads, design a robust pipeline, and close high revenue-driven leads.

Leverage the opportunity of scaling up your business growth with this amazing B2B lead gen company that makes sure their clients are in good hands.

Starting from sales growth solutions like B2B appointment scheduling, leads research, outbound SDR, outsourced sales and marketing, email drip campaigns to marketing operation solutions like ABM, website revamp and development, B2B digital marketing, content strategy designing, and many more.

#10. SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads

Do you want your sales team to close deals like a pro?

Then SalesPro Leads is the key. The B2B lead generating and accounts settings experts are right there at your door to help you close amazing deals like never before.

The trained professionals and strategized techniques with customized approaches are way more valuable and efficient than any of your high-priced purchased sales tools.

It’s time to take your sales venture to the next level by closing high potential leads and building a huge revenue pipeline.

One of the most appreciated lead gen companies is right there to assist you in bagging high-quality leads with a focus on business areas like information technology, software solutions, telecom solutions, healthcare solutions, and a few more.

Never hesitate to give it a try.

#11. WebiMax


When it comes to generating quality leads through Online Reputation Management, WebiMax leads the space.

The most award-winning Reputation Management Firm serving excellence consistently for 13 years.

One of the leading lead gen companies that solely focuses on reshaping your online brand image.

As a result, it attracts genuine customers to give your brand a try among the millions of other available brands in the market.

With services like Reputation Management, SEO, Get More Reviews, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, and Online PR, it is delivering excellent results.

#12. eCoast Marketing

eCoast Marketing

eCoast Marketing, the brand that believes in the simple, clear, and powerful idea of “Better Leads, More Appointments, Higher Revenue” is here.

The best B2B lead gen company has served  3500 plus industry leaders. It has helped them to excel in their sales goals and close endless higher revenue deals.

It has successfully executed thousands of amazing revenue generation campaigns for its global clientele. 

Starting from Outbound Lead Generation, Inbound Lead Qualification, Account-Based Selling, to Audience Acquisition, it does it all. So if you are looking for any of the ones, contact eCoast Marketing.

#13. Salesify


Then Salesify, now Ziff Davis Performance Marketing, falls into the count of top 15 lead gen companies.

One of the most influential marketing firms in its space is ready to serve you as well.  It’s time to identify, engage, influence, and captivate your audience.

With the game-changing marketing strategies, it’s time to build an ever-growing sales funnel for your organization.

So if you’re looking out for quality leads that convert in real, it’s time to pitch Ziff Davis Performance Marketing, the global leader in Omni channel Demand Generation.

#14. Go4Customer

Are you in the hunt for high-end customer service solutions for sales conversions? Then opting for Go4Customer without giving it a second thought would be the best option.

The highly professional lead conversion team of Go4Customer qualifies themselves for creating maximized sales deals closures on behalf of the customer.

The recognized customer service company delivering quality services all across the globe with work centers in premium locations like the US and India is all set to help you witness a friction less lead generation service. The question is, are you ready or not.

#15. Vsynergize


Are you ready to crush your sales targets?


Then explore Vsynergize’s premium sales qualified leads. Help your sales team to excel in their targets and set new benchmarks.

Being one of the reputed lead gen companies, Vsynergize always focuses on building trustworthy relationships with its clientele by delivering the best quality leads that convert. 

Starting from all types of lead generation services to a broad segment of demand generation services, Vsynergize has it all. You name it and they have it.

Top 15 Lead Generation Companies

To know more in detail, explore their rich platform enriched with high-end lead and demand generation solutions and pick the ones your company needs.

So which one suits you the best? It’s time to identify the best match for your business needs that can give you high potential leads which you can turn into powerful prospects.

If you are a B2B company serving in APAC or a healthcare business serving in the US region, and looking out for the best leads that best fits your business purpose, feel free to write to us at

Healthcare Email Database

The billion-dollar healthcare industry is fast expanding with new businesses leveraging the unlimited scope to innovate and perfect their operations to achieve year-on-year growth.

Regardless of size, healthcare companies face many hurdles in growing their revenues owing to many growing predicaments such as shorter attention spans of healthcare professionals, their busy schedules, and of course their unavailability to present their products or services.

In such a scenario, it is imperative for healthcare businesses to rely on the unique strengths of intelligent healthcare email database.

One of the strongest attributes of a healthcare email database is its ability to account for qualified prospects through a systematic way of adding prospect intelligence to it.

To find your targeted audience and grab the right set of contact databases of healthcare professionals amidst this challenging scenario seems like a daunting task.

Here, Ampliz Healthdata can ease the process of reaching out to potential customers by offering a tailor-made healthcare email database to cater to your specific business needs.

In its due course of serving the industry for a decade, we have helped thousands of businesses expand their outreach in the US healthcare industry.

With our data, physicians can establish a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with potential businesses and extend their professional service to millions of patients in the USA.

So how is Ampliz Healthdata able to help such a large group of healthcare businesses and professionals in multiplying their revenue?

What makes it stand out from the rest of the leading healthcare database providers in the USA?

We know your mind must be shooting up with questions like these. Well, as we start unfolding the secrets step by step, you will start getting a clearer picture.

Let’s explore.

Here You Get Fresh, Accurate, and Intent Focused Healthcare Email Database

health email lists

To navigate through the busiest crowd of healthcare professionals, and finding the ones that best suit your business needs and demands, you need authentic datasets.

Being one of the leading healthcare database providers in the USA, Ampliz Healthdata is known for delivering 100% customized, verified, and target-specific healthcare datasets that help in boosting up the growth of businesses.

This freshness of the data is a result of years of hard work, dedication, seamless and strict data processes, state-of-the-art technology, trusted data sources, and skilled and experienced data engineers.

All these processes sum up to a fresh and unique healthcare database that yields results in reality. It helps you reach high potential prospects who are eager enough to join hands with your business and maximize the conversion in a short time.

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ampliz healthdata process

Our Robust 6-Step Data Process:

  1. Data Gathering
  2. Data Cleansing
  3. Data Processing
  4. Data Enhancement
  5. Data Validation
  6. Data Evaluation

Behind every successful outcome, there lies a strict and efficient process that helps in the proper execution of the tasks and hence coming up with the desired results.

Similarly, behind our error-free and potential healthcare email database, there lies a 6-Step Data Process that helps in delivering customized and error-free data to our clients.

Let’s understand the process in detail.

1. Data Gathering

We make sure that the data is collected from 100% reliable sources. As a result, there is less chance of data getting obsolete and invalid.  Our data are collected from sources like business events, seminars, healthcare camps, awareness campaigns, online healthcare events, credible news sources, top healthcare magazines, local and trusted data companies, and more.

2. Data Cleansing

Once the healthcare email database is collected, we perform multiple checks and fixes to address if there are any data errors or inconsistencies in the collected data. We use our skilled manpower and advanced technology to find and fix the data so that it can be taken forward to the next step.

3. Data Processing

Here comes the implementation of our state-of-the-art technologies like AI and Machine Learning. Here, we convert the collected and cleansed data into useful datasets using advanced programming algorithms. All the healthcare email lists collected are processed to make it useful for further use.

4. Data Enhancement

This is one of the crucial steps where we implement our data enhancement procedures to improve the quality of the processed data. Here, we add prospect intelligence and perform multiple and multi-level quality checks to come up with high-quality and intently focused healthcare data that grow our clients’ business.

5. Data Validation

When it comes to quality, we never compromise on it. And hence, we have taken it one step ahead. Here, we use our human intelligence and skilled data executives to go through a manual data validation process through direct calls or emails to verify whether the data is accurate or not. Once we validate all the healthcare email lists and data, we make it available for our clients to access.

6. Data Evaluation

This is the final and unavoidable step where we keep the data updated to weed out obsolete data and update them with accurate data. We keep updating our data frequently to deliver an accuracy level of more than 95% in our healthcare email lists.

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Why Choose Ampliz Healthcare Data for the USA market

health database providers

Being the most sought-after brand among the leading healthcare database providers in the USA, Ampliz holds the utmost responsibility of providing optimum quality datasets to its customers, which ensures the unrivaled growth of their businesses.

With 800+ data miners, 100+ credible data sources, 2.5k+ happy customers, 5 million+ healthcare databases, 100+ data intelligence fields, 25+ platform search filters, Ampliz becomes the right choice for the emerging and established healthcare database providers to take their business to the next level.

So if you are looking for a healthcare email database that is  error-free, fresh, customized, and one that caters to the needs and demands of your healthcare business with endless platform- feature benefits, then your search ends with Ampliz Healthdata.

To reach out to Ampliz and get your healthcare data queries addressed effectively, feel free to contact our team of data experts at or To know more about us, Visit our site.

Healthcare Marketing Lists USA | Healthcare B2B Database

Ampliz Health Data platform, one of the largest healthcare data provider in the USA, typically matching greater than 90% of the target files.

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